25 May 2007

I'm not from around here

Heh, in answer to Miriam's question, I'm not happy unless I'm miserable. ;)

Why do we live so far away from everything? Because we moved here before we were Shabbat observant. And then we got a dog. And now it's hard to find something we can afford that will allow us to have Fido that's in the neighbourhood near the shul.

Normally, it's not a big deal. If I have to go to the mikvah on Shabbat or a Yom Tov, we find someone to stay with or walk one way and bus it the other (before or after Shabbat or the Chag, of course, not during). This time, though - I just can't walk it now with the wet bag of seedless grapes. And, being a two-day holiday means finding someone to take poochie for 2 days, being someone's houseguest for 2 days, finding meals for 2 days. Too much of an imposition for me.


The prepaid taxi arrived right on time. There were other people getting on the elevator the same time as us, and getting off on our floor. The wonderful staff jumped all over each other offering to write my name on the ultrasound board, and afterwards, call a cab for us. The only near-glitch was going home, after explaining about having prepaid, and the driver calling in to confirm this (and I heard him get the confirmation), he still handed me a credit card slip and asked me to sign it, "just in case." He was cool, when I explained why it was prepaid in the first place, and that I couldn't sign anything. The driver and I had a lovely chat about faith and religion on the way home.

Of course, the driver decided to take the route that took us right past my shul. It was kind of funny when I ducked down so I wouldn't get recognized by anyone walking into the shul! There's an issue with giving the wrong impression - like wearing a kippa while you're in eating in a non-kosher restaurant (some Jews who keep kosher will eat in non-kosher, strictly vegetarian restaurants. Others will eat only vegetarian in any restaurant.) You could give an unsuspecting Jew the impression that the restaurant is kosher. So seeing me in a taxi could give someone the impression that it's okay to take a cab on a holiday. Or, it could lead someone to speak Lashon HaRa about me. Or I just didn't want anyone to see the ugly shmatta I was wearing that day.

Enough of this jabbering. Onto the good stuff...

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