14 May 2007

How was your weekend Part II

I got a new laptop today! Yay! I'm not using it at the moment, however, because Hubby is playing with it. My computer died a horrible death (What's that? Did I have a backup of my files? Um, no. What's that? Yes, I am an idiot, thank you for noticing.) and I've been suffering with Hubby's "I refuse to produce the 's' you keep trying to type" laptop, so this makes me very happy.

So, as you might have gathered, I started injections this morning! Woo! Ah, it was like riding a bicycle. Pull the needle full of air, blow it into the Lupron bottle, suck back the Lupron, jam it in my gut. Good times.

So the long story of Friday was, I got my period - more than spotting, but not quite full-on flow. I called the clinic, left a message. They called back, but apparently, we had somehow turned the ringer off on the phone. So by the time I got the message, which didn't address anything, it was too late to call the clinic back.

Hubby used some magic power of his to get through to one of the secretaries, who called him back, who then ran and got a nurse for us to talk to, after Hubby explained the whole not being able to call on Shabbat thing. Kids, don't try this at home. I got all the relevant info from the nurse, was full-on flowing on Shabbat, so I started shooting up this am. Called the clinic to let them know and got Nurse Waytoochirpy. Couldn't stand her last cycle around, can't take her this time, either. She's way too effusive and uses ridiculously flowery language. I'm a plain, simple gal. If I ask you if I need to do a blood test in the morning and the time doesn't matter, just say, "whatever time is convenient" rather than "whatever suits your lifestyle." Not having a blood test at all suits my lifetsyle, ya twit. I'll save the story about how she told me about my BFN for another time.

And no, the irony of starting my injections today of all days is not lost on me.



At 14/5/07 6:20 a.m., Blogger Bea said...

I'm glad you're on the road, although I don't envy you the complications of trying to remain properly observant. Hopefully things will pan out without too many complications on that front.

Happy injecting.


At 14/5/07 8:08 p.m., Blogger miriam said...

Hubbies with magical powers are a good thing, no? So glad that little bit of timing did actually work out for you. May it be a sign of things to come. (Will you get mad at me if I say B'sh'ah Tova? There was one Rabbi who started saying that to me when I had only just gotten engaged, so it must not only apply to actually preggers people, right?)

Only good things, and you are in my prayers every Friday night as I stand in front of my Shabbos Lichts.

At 15/5/07 4:55 a.m., Blogger Stacie said...

Wow! IVF is complicated enough before you add all of the Shabbat observances required!

I am glad you got to start your injections and the journey has begun. When do you estimate retrieval/transfer? I wish you loads of luck!

Happy injecting!

At 15/5/07 6:05 p.m., Anonymous LC said...

(Will you get mad at me if I say B'sh'ah Tova? There was one Rabbi who started saying that to me when I had only just gotten engaged, so it must not only apply to actually preggers people, right?)

My understanding is that it refers to all things - everything in a good time. I've heard it used in contexts that include finding a marriage partner and setting a date for the wedding.

Anyway, projgen, it should be a 'good' time in YOUR eyes (soon!), without too much aggravation and annoyance in the getting there. which I'm sure was miriam's point, I'm just saying 'yeah, from me too'.

At 15/5/07 7:18 p.m., Blogger projgen said...


Hi Stacie - not sure if I've seen you post before, so welcome! Gd willing, I think retrieval will be around Sun, May 27, but since I didn't have a great response first cycle, I'm not counting my eggs before they hatch.

I addressed the b'sha'ah tova question in a post - thanks for giving me something to think about!


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