14 May 2007

And how was your weekend?

Firstly, I think I need to clarify something. I'm afraid my nonsensical ramblings the other day led to some misconceptions (ha! Seriously. There's no pun there.). Infertility is not an exception to Halacha (Jewish law). There are some laws that can be broken, under the right circumstances (said circumstances to be identified by a rabbi when they occur), in the right environment, for the right reasons (said reasons to be identified by a rabbi). I can't decide that I can ride an elevator on Shabbat. A rabbi can decide that I can ride an elevator on Shabbat IF that is the only way I can get to the medical office, IF I absolutely have to go on Shabbat.

Case in point: I need to go for bloodwork 7 days after starting injections, which means Shabbat. The rabbi wants to know if it is absolutely necessary to have this bloodwork on Shabbat, or can the doctor get the relevant information if I have the blood drawn one day earlier or later. RE says one day earlier is not ideal, but acceptable. Rabbi says no bloodwork (which entails using an elevator, in addition to all sorts of other issues) on Shabbat. Had the doctor said it absolutely must be done that day, Rabbi would have helped me figure out the least-Shabbat breaking way of doing this.

I hope this clears stuff up. And sorry for being obtuse and ramble-y. What prompted that all-over-the-place post was I knew I'd get my period on Shabbat, meaning I'd have to break Shabbat to call the clinic, but it was too late to call my rabbi to find out if that was acceptable. Since I started spotting on Friday, I called the clinic on Friday, explained about the whole Shabbat thing, and was told if I was "full flow" on Saturday, to go ahead and start injections on Sunday.

That's the short story, anyway. Long version to follow.

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