08 May 2007

Stim diet

Those needles are mocking me.

Here's my protocol, because I know you all are waiting with bated breath, gnawing your nails to the quick, unable to accomplish anything else until I tell you. I'll let you get back to your real lives now:

- No BCPs. I didn't even have to argue with the doctor; it never came up after our initial conversation. Maybe because the study is no BCPs, my RE wants to keep this cycle similar? Hm.
- No folic acid, instead I'm taking a vitamin called PregVit. More on that later.
- No date with the dildocam yet.
- Pay the clinic in full.
- Microdose Lupron flare - .2ml twice daily, starting CD2.
- Gonal F - the good ol' 225iu twice daily, starting CD4.

Why yes, that is 4 injections a day, thanks for noticing! Kind of ironic for someone who hates needles as much as I do. I was so proud of being able to do my own injections when it was one poke, twice a day. Can I handle two at a time? Aich.

Ah, PregVit. (warning: be careful when clicking that link; there's bb's and happy mums and such.) PregVit has. the. worst. packaging for infertiles. The pills are pink and blue, there are pink and blue teddy bears all over the package, and yes, there is the pink happy baby with the happy mommy. Is very hard to look at morning and night (you take two pills a day). They are identified as being for prenatal and during pregnancy. Which just makes me guffaw. I do my best to ignore it all - and the fact that the packaging also looks like BCPs which is even more ironic - because my clinic thinks this is great stuff, and much better than just taking folic acid. Maybe I can draw mustaches and devil horns on all the faces... Take that! you teddy bears!

So, depending on when my no-longer-predictable period starts, first dose of Lupron should be before the weekend!

Anyone else do/doing Lupron? I was on Gonal F and Repronex last time around. Any comments, thoughts, suggestions, reflections, etc.?



At 8/5/07 9:34 p.m., Blogger Lut C. said...

Are you kidding, the vitamin pills I'm taking are prenatal, during PG AND during breastfeeding! Talk about optimism.

Good luck with all those shots. :-/

At 8/5/07 11:10 p.m., Blogger megan said...

good luck with those needles! i hope AF comes soon and you can get things rolling. good luck! also, the pregvit? that's one scary web site!

At 9/5/07 1:38 p.m., Blogger Thalia said...

The pregvit has horrible positioning, but looks very sensible nutritionally. Perhaps you could drop them in some food dye before taking?

At 9/5/07 11:50 p.m., Blogger Rachel said...

That pregvit even has a bad name. Can you pop them out of the container and just put them in a jar or a tupperware or something?

I've never done microdose Lupron (but that will be my next protocol), but a regular dose of Lupron made me basically insane. Really teary, really emotional, freaking out at everything. Not what you want to hear, I'm sure, but I gotta be honest with you. I hope the microdose is better (for both of our sakes).

At 10/5/07 10:07 p.m., Blogger projgen said...

I thought about drawing horns on 'em with foodsafe pens...

Thanks for the warning, Rachel! I just sent Hubby a "Be afraid. Be very afraid." notice ;)


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