29 August 2006

I'm happy, sure I'm happy. See?

Still around & hanging in.

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16 August 2006


Lots of good, happy, wonderful, terrific news from the IF world lately. Am v v thrilled for everyone, but is a bit too much to handle right now, and don't want to detract from other people's joy, so am otherwise occupying myself:

09 August 2006

Congra, indeed

1295. Go give Jenny props for that beautiful number.

07 August 2006


Hubby and I had cause to go to Costco the other day, and boy howdy was I excited. Excitement quickly turned to despair as I frantically, desperately scoured the aisles to no avail.

The. chair. is. gone.

04 August 2006

Ignore me at your own peril

Hahahahahahaha! This has me re-thinking that motherhood thing...

01 August 2006

Noises only dogs can hear

Our dog has decided he's scared of our cellphone. Every time it rings, he goes running for cover.

Maybe he knows it's mostly bill collectors...