05 August 2008

Took a wrong turn at Albuquerque

and wound up in Israel! At the risk of sounding really corny, a big huge thanks and a massive group hug to everyone who checked in on me. It's really nice and gives me warm fuzzies to know there are people out there who are concerned about me.

But, I'm fine, all is good in Projgen land. As good as can be expected, of course.

I had mentioned a while back that Hubby and I were planning on moving to Israel. Once we started packing and selling and donating and dumping, there was no time for anything else. We had to find an apartment via email, we had to arrange paperwork, I had to wrap up things at my job, etc., etc. Then we left early to visit with our respective families in our respective countries of origin, so of course, internet access was very limited. Not to mention our time was limited. Any time we could grab an internet connection, it was for finding an apartment, contacting our friends who were helping us find an apartment (thank you Kirby - and her other half - and Rachel!). And of course, once again I'm behind on everyone's blogs. So much so, that I missed Bea's baby! I'll try to catch up.

Took a few weeks to get an internet connection, and whittle the 248 emails in my inbox down to 62, but here we are. Still no lift after nearly a month (we haven't seen our stuff for over 2 months), but everyone here has been great - arranging for mattresses, a little card table and chairs, a beer fridge (way to make the Canadians feel really at home!) and even a pot and pan. What more do you need?

By the way, you have GOT to love the irony. My first time logging in to the Blogger dashboard to post in months, and what's the Blogger update?

"Babies are all the buzz at Blogger. Within the last few months we've had three new additions to the Blogger Team: Ryan, Aditya, and Haley. Although it'll probably be a few years before they start sounding off themselves, we get to post some cute pics of them now."


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At 5/8/08 6:33 p.m., Blogger Thalia said...

hmm, that log in must have been quite, umm, annoying?

Well well well that's a big move from where you were. Do you have a job? What are the big differences?

At 5/8/08 8:47 p.m., Blogger Lut C. said...

Ugh, not blogger too!

Congratulations on realizing that other big dream of yours, moving!

Sounds like quite an adventure! Good to hear from you. :-)


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