11 August 2007

Ready to vacate

I'm trying to be all trendy and make verbs out of nouns ;)

I'm sorry I have no idea what's going on with anyone; I haven't had any time to read blogs, and I feel like I'm missing everyone and everything. I'll keep a, "if anyone is cycling, please bring them success" in my prayers, and healing thoughts to anyone who needs them.

Since we leave on Sunday and it's highly unlikely I'll find time to blog, and tomorrow is Shabbat and I can't blog, this might be it for a little while. But finally, it's a good reason - no moping over failed cycles, no family drama, just a plain, old, ordinary vacation.

Well, maybe it's not so ordinary; it is Israel, after all. A co-worker said, "I hope you have a blast." I explained that's not the best thing to say to someone going to Israel. After a few seconds of confused silence, my co-worker said, "ooooohhhh, right! Yeah, sorry. Have a great time, then."

That's better.

Can't wait! Holy land, here I come.

And maybe - I mean, what's the harm? - just maybe, we'll sneak in a visit to Puah while we're there.


08 August 2007

Crying game

On my way to work this morning, I walked past a man who was obviously fighting back tears. He was holding his phone in front of him, like he was reading a text message, and he looked like he had gotten very bad news.

I so wanted to turn around and follow him, and ask him if he was okay, but around here that could either get me a big hug followed by sobbing on my shoulder(problematic because of modesty issues), or it could get me punched in the face. Literally. So I slunked away, feeling like *I* wanted to cry.

Thank you all so much for your words of comfort, and to you who offered the opportunity to rant off-blog. I'm very grateful, because it did make a huge difference. My relative is doing really well, although, of course, she has her moments. Her kids are also doing okay, although they have yet to sleep in their own beds. We're all slowly moving on, and maybe we aren't quite ready for forgiveness, and maybe we'll never be, but we're moving away from the raging anger. I haven't called him a "rat bastard" in a week.

Meanwhile, on a much happier note, Hubby and I are getting ready for our trip to Israel! We are so excited and SO looking forward to this holiday/family visit. We just have to find a dogwalker (we have the dogsitter, but they don't walk so much as, well, sit), buy a few more gifts, um, pack, and then we're off.

And considering it was, like, 10 degrees here yesterday (that's somewhere around 50 for you Fahrenheit people) and rainy, I'm even looking forward to being in 35+ degrees (that's somewhere around 3rd degree burns for you Fahrenheit people) in the desert.

Thanks again, you guys.