07 August 2008

Revisiting the past

I actually wrote a blog entry before we left, but never had a chance to post it.

So let's go back in time. Here's what I wrote:
So it's not bad enough I'm worrying about packing, the movers coming (next week!!!), getting rid of the stuff we don't want to bring, how to get from the west coast to the east coast with our dog, finding an apartment, the cost of shipping, running out of money, getting new jobs, saying goodbye to everyone.


I also have to think about whether or not to do another cycle. I know I don't need to think about it right at this moment, but actually, I kinda do. If we want to do another cycle, being Male Factor and all, we have to arrange to ship Hubby's, erm, little guys to Israel. A process that we know is expensive.


Do we want to spend over a thousand dollars of money we can ill afford to waste on something we're not sure we're going to do? Maybe Hubby could have another MESA, you say. Yeah, YOU tell him that. After a vas, vas reversal, and MESA, he swore no one was going near his nether parts with a sharp pointy thing again. He also said, "I shoulda just had a zipper installed" but that's neither here nor there.

We decided by not deciding. The spermcicles are still in Vancouver. Hubby thinks we can have them sent over "anytime." Um, yeah. Sure.

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At 9/8/08 8:00 a.m., Blogger Bea said...

Oh the joy. Last time someone asked me whether we had any grandkids for my parents on the way, and I explained that we'd just moved internationally (could have said we were infertile butthatsanotherstory, didn't), I was told you could "do these things anywhere" nudge nudge.

Um... right. Is that how it works?

Anyway, glad to hear you're settled/settling in.



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