08 May 2007

Some people decorate with candles*

Here's what's on mine at the moment:

Note 1: I had this whole neat image thing I was going to do, but my computer is dead in the water, and I don't know how to use the image program on my work computer yet. Feh. Was related to Hubby's comment that we had "Cup O'Needles - to nurture your inner crack whore." Funny Hubby.

Note 2: Those are alcohol pads to the left of the q-tips. And the q-tips should be cotton balls. But you get the idea.

Note 3: There were no monster-size needles accidently included in this batch! Yay!

Note 4: I'll try to remember to post my protocol tomorrow.

*Updated: I changed the title of this post, because the old title sounded a little too "neener, neener, neener" to me, which OF COURSE! is not at all what I meant. I hope nobody took it that way.

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