12 April 2007

If you blog it, it will come

So, apparently, the trick to getting things to, erm, flow, is to just blog about it.

Does this mean if I blog about having a successful cycle, I'll get a not-to-be-blogged-about pink, squirmy, crying thing in say, nine months?

As if.

By the way, in my hysterical rolling on the floor over the irony of my period being late, I forgot to say I hope everyone had a wonderful Pesach/that other holiday! I always find easter awkward, because I can't actually wish anyone a "happy easter" since it is, after all, a day celebrating something I don't believe in. Not to mention, historically, easter has always been a dangerous time for Jews. Some people get weird when they start remembering the crucification, and then someone always has to resurrect (ha!) that old rumour about how the Jews killed Jesus. It was the Romans, people. We stone people, and hurl Yiddish epithets about fuzzy navels and onion heads, we don't string 'em up on slabs of wood. That involves tools and trips to the hardware store.

Funny aside: Hubby and I had a long conversation Saturday night with a non Jew about how Jews don't believe in Jesus, and why. This person was very interested and very respectful, and we had a lovely conversation.

The next morning (easter), she bounces over to us with a joyful, "Happy easter!" and hands us gift bags. It was very sweet, and we thanked her, but tried as gently as possible to explain that we don't observe easter, and can't accept the gifts. I think she's still trying to figure out why we don't "do" easter. It's just bunnies and candy, right? The gift (of food) was a little easier to explain, since we had also discussed Passover and being Kosher and all the food restrictions, etc., etc.

It's sometimes easier dealing with religious people; even though they fear for my soul, or think I'm going to burn in hell, or whatever, they get it. Non-religious folks think, "it's just a tree" or "it's just a bunny and some chocolate, what could be the harm in that?" Which I think is fine; it's nice to have family traditions, and create wonderful memories.

Yeah, which leads us right back to that old infertility thing again. What's the point of family traditions if you don't have anyone to pass them on to. *sigh* It keeps coming back to that, doesn't it?

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At 13/4/07 9:31 p.m., Blogger Lut C. said...

Have you ever seen 'the life of brian'?

At 14/4/07 2:30 a.m., Blogger Just another Jenny said...

I would have found the conversation interesting but like to think I'd know better than to thank you with an Easter Bunny. I'm glad that things are getting underway for this cycle.

At 17/4/07 8:00 p.m., Blogger projgen said...

Hmm... I have seen Life of Brian (ages ago), but I'm not sure I'm getting the connection. You mention Monty Python in reference to easter and I immediately think of the Killer Rabbit :)

Jenny, if it was an bunny, I'd probably have been happier - bunnies are cute. heh


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