16 March 2007

Starting the "Fund Fertility Already" Fund Campaign

Now, if we can just get our government leaders to read and comprehend.

From the Calgary Sun:
"What's going on here is a form or reproductive discrimination," adds Dr. Greene, of the province's refusal to fund IVF, which costs $5,150*, not including drugs.

He's launched a campaign urging Alberta to fund the $8-million a year program. Then he could restrict an infertile woman to replace just one embryo, something health economists say will save the province millions and pay for the program, since twins tend to be costly.

"We used to say, funding IVF is the right thing to do. What's different now is we're saying, it's also the smart thing to do."
Read the full article here.

If you're Canadian, and affected by infertility, now is the time to start bombarding your MPs with letters and phone calls. Let's get IVF funded by Healthcare, the way it should be!

*Note: I should go to Calgary for my next cycle; it's much cheaper than BC. And you Americans? Come on up for a visit and cycle here. Seriously. You can stay with me.

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At 17/3/07 2:43 a.m., Blogger Bea said...

The voice of reason!

Seriously, it's always amazed me that Canada doesn't fund IVF, what with your socialist leanings and generous state-sponsored maternity/parental payments etc. Doesn't. Make. Sense.

Although, I do think restricting to one is harsh. I'm happy with the Oz/UK model - restrict to two, strongly encourage one.


At 17/3/07 12:18 p.m., Blogger Lut C. said...

The policy here is one embryo in the first transfer, if the women is under 35. After that, the doctor may decide to transfer more. I've read that succes rates over multiple attempts have stayed stable, but twin rates have gone down.

I hope the campaign works.

At 18/3/07 2:25 a.m., Blogger Natalie said...

What's funny is I moved to the U.S. from BC (before I knew we had fertility problems). Luckily we do have some insurance coverage, but when that runs out... maybe I can live with my parents for a month?

I too was pretty shocked to find out IVF wasn't covered in Canada. I really would have expected better of the healthcare system.

At 18/3/07 7:23 a.m., Blogger kirby said...

So I gotta ask: in places where it is covered, can they still refuse to treat you? Is there a limit to how many times you can try?

I know in Israel you can get IVF until you have two kiddos, but I don't know the other details around it. Anyone else know?

At 20/3/07 3:41 a.m., Blogger projgen said...

I was shocked to find out that IVF isn't covered here. But if you have gender confusion and want a sex-change operation - that's covered.


Kirby, it's my understanding that up to 3 successful cycles are covered. You have to be an olah for 6 months before you'll be covered, and you can keep trying for a very long time. I think they go up to age 45 or so, under healthcare coverage.

At 23/3/07 11:27 p.m., Blogger Just another Jenny said...

Something makes me think the funding will never come back. What makes it worse is that very few insurers cover the meds either so it's a double whammy. It's worth writing my MP again though, there may be an election soon so maybe they are looking to win a few extra voters.

At 24/3/07 1:30 a.m., Anonymous megan said...

thanks for posting this -- i'm in BC too....we have yet to go the IVF route, and I'm a little scared to find out how much it actually costs beyond the costs listed on my clinics website which are plenty scary enough!


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