01 May 2007

Random ramblings

Some random things that are buzzing around in my head right now:

Why do some people arrive at a bus stop, somehow not see the 30 people already there standing around waiting for the bus, and just stroll right to the front of the group (nobody queues here. They just sort of form a wriggling mass that somehow funnels onto the bus.) so they get on the very full bus, and the person who had been waiting politely for 15 minutes doesn't make it on?

Why do people not know/understand how to queue?

Why are some people so unbelievably rude, and other so incredibly nice and gracious?

Why does my left shoe squeak in the rain?

I still watch that otter video and go, "awww."

What the heck is going on on Heroes, and how did Sylar get to be president?

I don't think they should count last week's votes for American Idol. I'm guessing there were some people who just called so AI would get that big donation, and maybe they weren't so careful about which number they called. Speaking of which, I stayed up way too late last motzei Shabbat and watched SNL until Carrie Underwood was on. Awful outfit, but she was amazing.

My Hebrew is getting so much better, but I don't have any one to practice with during the week. Hubby wants to learn more before he'll try conversing, although I am getting him to at least say short phrases like, "ani rotzeh l'echol" (I want to eat). Hopefully, he'll be more comfortable trying it soon.

There's something I do every week that's my own special thing. I was feeling like I couldn't trust my instinct about whether or not I like something, and this helped me realize that I'm not mistrusting my gut, I just haven't had anything to feel really good about, or get excited about in a long time. I also teach a class once a week, and I thought was something I really wanted, but I haven't been enjoying it at all, so I kept thinking, maybe I'll enjoy it after I've been doing it a little while and it got easier. Nope. I was so sure it would be something I would enjoy, I had myself convinced I was really enjoying it, I was just tired. Or not feeling well. Or not well enough prepared. No, it just turns out I honestly don't enjoy it. And I learned that from doing this other, special thing that I just love and enjoy so much.

I had to have another blood test yesterday, this time for my glucose. The tech person bitched at me because I thought "no food or drink" meant no water, as well. I know water makes no difference with my veins - you can't find 'em whether I'm hydrated or not, but I had a heck of a time convincing her of that. Ah well, she finally went in the back of my hand (ouch) and got what she was looking for. So looking forward to my next blood tests. *sigh*

When does Jonathan Kellerman's latest book (Obsession) come out in paperback. I keep checking at all the stores, every day.

(Ha. Get it?)

All this is to keep me from thinking about the fact that I need to go pick up my drugs, and I start, Gd willing, in less than two weeks.


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At 2/5/07 1:41 a.m., Blogger Just another Jenny said...

That Otto video kills me everytime, I love it.
Two weeks - yeah! Sorry about the veins though, that's not going to make this any easier.

At 2/5/07 3:09 a.m., Blogger Bea said...

I can't answer your queuing question, but I can groan at your "Obsession" joke. That was really bad.


At 2/5/07 7:07 p.m., Blogger projgen said...

heh, sorry, Bea, I couldn't resist ;)


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