10 May 2007

No go Flo*

*Not to be confused with this.

Still waiting. *sigh*

Why is it when you want your period to start, it doesn't, and when you don't want to see hide nor hair of it, WHOOP! There it is.

/thumbs twiddle twiddle twiddle

I wish I could knit. Maybe that would help pass the time.



At 11/5/07 2:02 p.m., Blogger Penny said...

do you want to learn?

At 11/5/07 6:44 p.m., Blogger Rachel said...

Knitting and crocheting are what keep me sane throughout this process. Really. I'd be happy to teach you if you live near Boston.

At 12/5/07 5:03 a.m., Blogger projgen said...

Oh, bless you both! But I figure, if my grandmother, alav ha'shalom, couldn't teach me in 20 years of trying, no one can ;)


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