21 May 2007

Double or nothing

Well, since the clinic gave me the wrong meds - not the wrong meds, actually, the wrong way to administer the meds - I called them. I do the regular needle injection of Gonal f, and they gave me the pen. I've never used the pen, so, facing a long weekend, I panicked about having to start the pen on Shabbat, when I wouldn't be able to call the clinic.

Got a hold of a nurse, who explained how to use the pen. Then I figured, while I had her on the phone, anyway, I'd ask about the numbers. My results for CD7 were 439. While that's not great, it's nearly double what my CD8 numbers were last cycle, 262.

Updated to add: I went for another blood test this morning (CD10). The results were, as to be expected, low. 1005. IVF Connections has a good chart showing the comparisons. I forgot to ask about CD10 numbers from last cycle. My RE wants me to come in tomorrow for an ultrasound, so we'll have a better picture then.

Yay. Finally, I warrant a date with the dildocam. Gosh, I'm so lucky. Dildocam's so dreeeeamy.

Meanwhile, we're still dealing with how to manage an ultrasound/bloodtest during Shavuot when we live so far away from the clinic (to walk, not drive). I can barely walk to the car with the wet bag of grapes I'm carrying in my belly. Now that we don't even know for sure if we'll have to have a U/S on Shavuot - it might be Friday - we're going back and forth with our posek (halachic expert) in NY. Thursday would be better than Wednesday, because Wednesday is the Torah holiday, Thursday is the rabbinic holiday, so there's more room for leniency. Of course, Friday would be best; it's not a holiday at all.

Please let all these headaches be worth it.