18 May 2007

Little prick

Diary of a stabber

Day 1 am: No problem! Injection went smoothly, needle slid in like buttah. What's everyone whining about?

Day 1 pm: Bit of sting. But, no problem!

Day 2 am: owee.

Day 2 pm: owwwwweee.

Day 3 am: What the hell? I've only had 4 injections, whaddya mean, there's no place left to stab?! ::sigh::
Gonal in the left of me,
Lupron in the right.
Here I am,
sticking my middle again.

Ow ow ow ow ow. That Gonal F really hurt going in.

Really looking forward to Day 3 pm.

Weirdly, after all the excitement and anticipation, starting injections has been a real non-event. It's like popping vitamins. I don't feel like I'm on anything. I don't feel different - no mood swings (!), no collapsing into tears over stupid things, no screaming bloody murder because the washcloth wasn't hung on the hook properly.

Last cycle, I remember my gut feeling heavy. Which was why my low E2 numbers were such a shock to me. I felt like I was carrying little bags of nectarine in my belly, but the numbers said I was just carrying a raisin or two.

Maybe this bodes well? Dare I even think that? Nah. I learned last time not to believe in bodes.



At 18/5/07 8:39 p.m., Blogger Lut C. said...

Good to hear the medication isn't messing with your head too badly. The hurt stomach, that's another story.


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