18 May 2007

Little prick #2

Oh, jeez, holy swollen toad, mother pluck me, ow ow ow ow.

I had a blood draw this morning for my E2*. We all know how cooperative my veins are, so after trying my elbowpit after I said don't bother, the tech went for the back of my hand. After wiggling that sucker around for a little bit (OW!), she caught the vein.

Now, first of all, why do they tell you to put pressure on the insertion point after they withdraw the needle, and THEN tell you to go pay for your drugs, come back with the receipt, blah blah. How are you supposed to hold on to one hand with the other, pick up all your bags, take the scrip, open your bag, take out your chequebook, write a cheque, take the receipt, get your bags, go back to the nurse, hand her the receipt, take the bag with your meds, and put your coat on, all the while holding on to one hand with the other???

Argh. In the time it took for me to take the scrip and pick up my bag and walk the few feet to the bookkeeper's desk, my hand ballooned up and turned purple. I've never had that happen before. Fun.

Meanwhile, this morning, I finally started feeling weird in my gut. Now, I have IBS, so it could just be that. But this feels different. And not like last cycle, either. I don't have the heaviness in my belly, it's more a sense of something inside being puffed up or swollen.

Or maybe it's just an after-effect of the too-many Bloody Marys I had Wednesday night. I'm too old to handle hangovers.

I hope my blood draw being a day early doesn't mess with the results too much. The lab person made a point of reminding the techs a few times that my test is early. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to blog my E2 results before Shabbat. Otherwise y'all will just have to wait til Sunday. Which would really suck if they're low again, because, since I wasn't blogging yet last cycle, having support this time around would be nice.

*Bea - I was too lazy to go your blog and hunt around for the link, so I Google'd "bea infertility acronyms." Your acronyms post was the first link on the page. You superstar.



At 18/5/07 9:53 p.m., Blogger Lut C. said...

My clinic sent me invoices by mail. Still I managed not to push hard enough to avoid bruises every time. Though I suspect sometimes they had poked through the vein.

First blood draw was day 6 or 7 for me. I guess the RE ought to know what level he's looking for taking into consideration what day it is.


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