25 December 2005

Bloody hell

A History repeats entry

Step one is done. Went for the day 3 FSH test. And proceeded to lose 10, count 'em, 10 vials of blood. I actually ran out. While the last vial was being filled, you could see my previously vigorous - squirting, even - blood flow diminish to a sad drip-drip-drip. Thank G-d it was the last vial. Thank G-d the tech got juuust enough into said vial.

I hate needles and I would have been right royally ticked off if I had to have another vein poked just to get that last vial topped off. Especially since the tech used my one good vein (omigosh, a tech who actually listened to me when I said, "this is my good vein.") and finding oil from another well just was not going to be easy.

Hey, I hear you snickering. Those of you who know I'm in for weeks of jabbing myself with needles on a daily basis can just back off. I'm gonna make my hubby do it. That's my revenge for his taking up two-thirds of the bed for all these years. Yes, my revenge is to make my husband hurt me.

I know, that sounds sick. But in my world, it works.

[note: I actually managed to stick myself. I did it. I was proud. I know I lost my revenge op, but it was worth it.]


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