16 December 2005

What's her story?

Really. Who do I think I am starting a blog? What do I have to contribute that's new and different? Count me in the infertility crowd - well, I could blog about that, right? Yep, like I could blog smarter and funnier than Tertia, Julie and Getupgrrl. Well, okay, but we're dealing with male infertility. Yup, so's Amanda. Fine, then. What about infertility from an Orthodox Jewish perspective. Oh, that would be Persephone and Wessel - been there, done that. Then how about I blog about my ever-growing collection of dusbunnies?? ::sigh:: Yes. Even that's been done.

I don't even think I'm that interesting a writer. But what the heck, I've read some pretty snooze-inducing blogs (not any blogs in my links, though!) that still manage to elicit reader feedback (er, comments), so why shouldn't I dive into the pool, too? Although being a religious Jew, I'd have to wait until women's-only swim time. But of course, with my hormone-induced abnormally bloated belly, I'm too self-conscious to wear a swimsuit in the privacy of my bedroom, never mind a public pool.

But I digress.

Anyway, hello and welcome. Thanks for giving me a read. I hope I can be interesting, or at least entertaining, to someone. If you like me and stick around, I'll let you be my new best friend!

(like my use of gratuitous links right in my very first post?! I'm shameless.)


At 28/12/05 4:48 p.m., Blogger Robber Barren said...

Hi! I'd welcome you to the IF blogging club, but I'm a newbie myself, so...

At 29/12/05 2:45 a.m., Blogger projgen said...

Hi, rb! From one newbie to another... I'll hold your hand if you hold mine ;)


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