21 December 2005

The Clash

No, London is not calling. This is about the clash of the holidays. Really. Forget the war on xmas, there's a war going on in my datebook. For the first time that I can remember (I'm sure it's happened before, I just don't remember), Chanukah starts the evening of xmas day. And since where I live, everybody gets the week between xmas and New Year's off, everybody is throwing Chanukah parties! Sounds like great fun, no?

Well, yes and no. Uh, anyone remember that Chanukah is eight days? Eight days of parties. Which means eight days of latkes (potato pancakes). And eight days of sufganiyot (jelly donuts). Sugar and oil. Oil and sugar. Fried.

Don't get me wrong, I love latkes! I'm sure most of you out there enjoy chocolate cake, too. But just imagine eating chocolate cake every. single. day. for. eight. days. straight.

Now, my friends are in competition. They are double-booking. There are 3 separate parties on one day alone. How do I choose? Who do I insult? I rescheduled with one set of friends so I'd be able to go to another friend's party. And now there's another conflict with the first set of friends; I'm not rescheduling first set of friends again.

And I haven't even mentioned eight days of playing dreidel.

Thank Gd I'm blessed with such problems. But maybe, I could be a little less blessed?


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