20 December 2005

The computer thinks I’m dumb

A History repeats entry

So here I am, I'm trying to register on an infertility site, so I can read and post in the forum with my questions. Except, it's not accepting my long-held moniker. I've been using this same user ID for 20 years. Yep, used it back in the ol' mainframe days. But it won't accept it and it won't tell me why (someone else has it? it's some vile curse word in Hebrew or Yiddish? Not enough characters? WHAT IS IT?).

Now I'm completely frustrated, I lose my cool and I grumble at the computer: "This is..." and I type, "Stupid." And I hit the Enter key with all my frustration.

And the damn program accepts it.


Now my ID on this site is


As if my ego weren't battered enough.


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