30 May 2007

Alphabet soup

With all the excitement I completely forgot to talk about something.

(this may be TMI for some people)

The empty bowels.

It was stressed to me so many times that in order to reach that left ovary, my bowels had to be empty, and of course, since after an u/s the RE throws all the information at you, then says good luck and good bye, I completely forgot to mention to the RE and nurses that I have IBS. Probably because I forgot, myself. That in itself tells you how focussed I was on my ovaries; my IBS never lets me forget that it's always there, lurking in the background.

So I dutifully ran out to get a laxative (big no-no with IBS). After speaking with the nurse in the afternoon, who repeated the EMPTY bladder admonition, and then told me to eat lots of vegetables and drink prune juice, I was frantic trying to think where I could get prune juice.

Finally, I came to my senses. If I had eaten only veggies, and had prune juice, I'd STILL be in the bathroom, followed by not going to the bathroom until 2008. As it is, the laxatives ensured that I was empty, hollow, wasn't nuthin' left in my gut, because I spent the entire evening before retrieval in the bathroom. And the morning of retrieval. I was a little panicked that I'd have to use the bathroom in the middle of retrieval. Can you imagine? Oy.

Anyway, I was fine during retrieval (thank G-d!), and now I haven't gone since. So now I have super-sized, tender ovaries and I'm on progesterone. And we all know how progesterone gums up the works. ::sigh::

IVF and IBS. They just don't go together.

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At 30/5/07 11:45 p.m., Blogger miriam said...

ooh. yeah, like the time my mother forgot she was allergic to Novocaine (or one of the standard preservatives in it) right before she had a birthmark removed. She got up afterwards, her blood pressure fell, and she fainted. "They asked if I had any allergies, they didn't tell me what they'd be using and ask if that was a problem, or I'd have remembered!"

Well, at least you remembered eventually, BEFORE the prune juice!

At 31/5/07 2:50 a.m., Blogger Nearlydawn said...

Oh man, please DO NOT tell me proges.teron gums up the works!! I have IBS too, and I am so gonna be unhappy if I have to jab my behind daily with something that is going to make me irregular. OMG! Why don't these RE people tell me these things!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Oh wait, if they had told me all the horrible things I was gonna go through I probably wouldn't be here!! LOL Ha ha ha ha

At 31/5/07 5:48 a.m., Blogger projgen said...

dawn, your profile doesn't have your email, so hopefully you see this - get the book "Eating for IBS" by Heather Van Vorous. It's a lifesaver; her recipes are wonderful, her tips invaluable (brown rice! who knew?) and "permission" to eat plain ol' bread has made a huge difference for me.

Pre-laxative, that is...


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