03 May 2006

Different sounds of silence

We interrupt this blog to go a little political on y'all

In response to the deafening silence of the world in reaction to the horror that is Darfur, thousands of students screamed in solidarity on Sunday. Darfur rallies took place across the US and Canada, and instead of taking a moment of silence in honour of those who have been murdered, and are being murdered and tortured every day, the ralliers decided there's been enough silence and let out a unifying, one-minute long scream.

"Thou shall not stand idly by the shedding of blood of thy fellow man." Leviticus 19:16

I've added links to my sidebar, including links to petitions, postcards and emails to government officials. If your government is not represented anywhere, cut and paste the text from an existing postcard or email and send it to your government leaders. There are links to fact sheets, downloadable posters, sample letters, information on how to get your community involved, there's even faith-based suggestions on SaveDarfur.org that include a D'var Torah.

On the news Sunday night, I watched an interview with an elderly woman who attended the rally in Toronto. She is a Holocaust survivor. She said the world stood in silence while her family was murdered; she will not do the same while others are being killed.

"Never Again." Make it mean something.


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