25 April 2006

I've been tagged

Jenny is dragging me out of my post-Passover recovery, kicking and screaming (okay, I’m not really screaming) by tagging me with a meme (what the heck does that stand for, anyway?!). So, here goes:

Six random or weird facts/things/etc. about me:

1. I have a chronic disease that knocks me flat on my rear for a few days if I forget to take it easy or overdo it (gee, projgen, you mean like spending 2 weeks solid of cleaning like a madwoman because even though your house is clean enough to satisfy G-d for Passover, it’s not clean enough to satisfy your mom and you had to stay in bed for two days to recover? Dope.).

2. I used to have a really cool career that allowed me really cool perks like free tickets to shows, concerts, events, etc. Boy was I shocked when I had to start paying for that stuff myself.

3. I have a photographic memory. I remember things by picturing them in my head. I can look at a list of names and tell you later if a certain name was on the list by remembering where on the list the name occurred. If I take a tchotchke off the shelf, a month later I can put it back in the exact same spot from which it was removed. On the other hand, I can watch a movie a hundred times, because I can barely remember what I just saw on the screen. I guess it needs to be a stationary picture for me to remember it.

4. My grandmother used to be a model for a large catalog company in the 20’s.

5. I used to hop in my car when I was single and go on weekend excursions all over the country (when I lived in the US). I met the neatest people and had wonderful experiences.

6. I am extremely anal retentive. Seriously. Extremely. My mind is currently exploding because in order to have my videotapes alphabetically, it means different size boxes are side-by-side, so I don’t have a neat, straight line of tapes. But if I arrange the video boxes by size, then they’re not alphabetical. But if I alphabetize them, the sizes are all over the place. But if I make it uniform, then they’re not in order and AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! (Don't think that I haven't considered buying empty boxes, just so they can all be uniform size!)

There you go. Part of the point of getting tagged is to then tag others, but (and this is sad) I don’t know who to tag. I don’t get so many comments that I can tell who my regular readers are. Um, anyone want to volunteer to get tagged?

Update: I'm tagging Shanna, because I can. And what the heck, let's help her get her mind off baby-feet-in-the-ribs and tag Persephone, too.


At 26/4/06 11:40 p.m., Blogger Just another Jenny said...

Thanks for playing along. I don't know what MEME stands for either, I'll figure it out one of these days.


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