12 January 2006

Yay it's a survey!

I haven't had time to blog this week, between being busy and being sick (something is making me sleep 12 hours a night!), so to make up for it, I'm copping a survey from Jenny. Enjoy reading all about ME :)

1. What did you do in 2005 that you hadn't done before?
Tried IVF

2. Did anyone close to you give birth?
Yes, quite a few people actually.

3. Did anyone close to you die?
Thank G-d, no

4. Did you travel? Where did you go?
Just went away for a couple of weekends, locally. With IVF, we can't afford to go anywhere.

5. Best thing you bought?
Gee, I guess that would be an IVF cycle

6. Where did most of your money go?
That would also be an IVF cycle

7. What do you wish you had done more of?
Getting off my bum no matter how icky I was feeling and doing something to earn money

8. What do you wish you had done less of?
Being depressed after the IVF cycle

9. What kept you sane?
HA! Like I was sane to begin with.

10. What drove you mad?
Everytime I'd be seen holding a baby, someone would say, "that looks good on you" or "practicing?" That, and our familys' total and utter lack of interest in our fertility attempts.

11. What made you celebrate?
The birth of friends' babies, especially the ones who had been trying for awhile. And a visit from my brother's kid!

12. What made you sad?
Our failed IVF and the lack of funds to try again. And a good friend of mine moved away. And other stuff that I can't mention because of the anonymous thing.

13. How was your birthday this year?
Mixed. My cycle was right around my birthday, so I stuck myself with a needles that day. Plus I had to go to the mikvah that night (plus or minus, you decide!). I turned another year older and moved into a different (lower) percent group for successful IVF pregnancy. But I had lots of friends and family around, so it was a very fun day.

14. What political issue stirred you the most this year?
Oh, geez, name one - they all got my blood boiling.

15. Were you in love in 2005?

16. What would you like to have in 2006 that you didn't have this year?
Um, duh?

17. What date from 2005 will be etched in your memory and why?
That date in 2005 because that's the date we got our negative beta results

18. What song will remind you of 2005?
I don't know. I can't actually remember any songs from 2005

19. Compared to this time last year are you happier?
No. This time last year, I was really optimistic.

20. Biggest achievement this year?
I don't know what I would consider my biggest achievement. Getting through my cycle?

21. A valuable life lesson you learnt this year?
G-d doesn't always want the same things for you that you want for you.

22. How was your health in 2005?
Pretty good until my first cycle. The hormones just threw me for a loop.

23. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I don't make resolutions - I save myself lots of grief that way!

24. What countries did you visit?

24. What would you like to have in 2006 that you lacked in 2005?
Stability and security (and that damn baby!)

25. Did you suffer hardship in 2005?
Very much so.

26. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
I try really hard not to hate anyone. I'm not always successful, but rather than focusing on the hate, I try to focus on improving my attitude. Except with one really obnoxious neighbour...!

27. What was the best book you read?
Oh wow, I read so many last year. So many were so good, no one stands out at the moment!

28. What did you want and get?
A new pair of shoes. Oh, and an IVF cycle

29. What did you want and not get?

30. What was your favorite film that you watched this year?
I really liked the new Willy Wonka.

31. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2005?
heh. I have no fashion concept. Comfortable, looks decent, fits well and tznius (modest).

32. Who did you miss?
My grandparents, a"h and my nieces and nephew

33. Did anyone disappoint you?
Oh my gosh, yes. The family who was so excited and supportive when we announced the IVF stuff ("let us know what you need; we'll take out a loan for you; we'll refinance our house for you") have all just disappeared...

34. Did somebody really shine for you in 2005?
Oh my gosh, yes. Friends who stunned us by helping us raise funds for our IVF - gave us things to sell at tag sales, got members of their shuls to donate.

35. Do you have any pets?
Yes, the neurotic dog mentioned in my profile.

And I have green eyes, a funny nickname, I started this survey at 12:40, finished at 1:00, my favourite colour changes constantly and my best friend in grade school changed every year. ;)


At 13/1/06 2:11 a.m., Anonymous wessel said...

Oh my goodness -- so many questions! I would never have the patience for that, but thanks for letting us get to know you better. :-)

At 13/1/06 4:55 a.m., Blogger Just another Jenny said...

Your site is the first one I have seen my link on - I feel so privalged! I added your link to my page.

I have to know the nickname???

My married name left me with a name that sounds like Jennifer Lopez but spelled different. Everybody calls me J'Lo - it would have been cool 5yrs, now it is just lame.

It sounds like 05 was all about IVF for you. For what it's worth, I hope your '06 brings you much more happiness. I have started adding IVF friends to my nightly prayer (it's about the only pro-active thing I seem to be able to do).

At 13/1/06 7:24 a.m., Blogger persephone said...

Aaggghhh. I hate "looks good on you." I got that EVERY SINGLE TIME I saw one relative for a few years. I didn't realize until later that she was developing dementia and had no idea she'd said it to me before.

But "practicing" might be even worse.

As always you crack me up. I know this is so painful, but I hope it's helping a little to write about it. Or that it starts helping eventually.

May 2006 be a much, much better year.


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