22 June 2006

There's a joke in there somewhere

Really. There has to be a joke in this story.

Ah, but this is probably why I'm not laughing:
Experts said helping patients relax was the key to increasing conception rates.
Or, to put it more simply: JUST RELAX

Save the clowns, play me some old Monty Python shows instead. It'll be way cheaper.

*Edited to add: Julie, not surprisingly, already covered this article today.


At 22/6/06 1:38 a.m., Blogger ms. x said...

Clowns? CLOWNS??? Are you kidding me?

How scientific.

If my RE sent a clown into my exam room, said clown had better be a woman because if not, he would be finding himself in need of a good fertility specialist when I was done with him!

who is, at best, frightened of clowns

At 22/6/06 9:43 p.m., Blogger Just another Jenny said...

The first person that sends a clown-o-gram to my house gets a punch in the head.

At 22/6/06 10:49 p.m., Blogger projgen said...

Jenny, not to your *house* - if I understand the article correctly, the clown shows up at transfer.

Bugger that.

x, I'm with you. I read "It." Clowns are evil.

At 23/6/06 12:35 a.m., Blogger Lut C. said...

Some people have a truckload of needles stuck into them, in supposedly significant places.
Give me a clown any day.

At 23/6/06 1:35 a.m., Blogger ms. x said...

Clowns are evil.

And they eat children! ; )

who has read that book (and seen the movie) a number of times


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