27 February 2006

I, Supernanny

I helped a friend out a few days ago, and watched her young kids for her for a few (8!) hours. As I mentioned in a previous post, Hubby and I love Supernanny. Well, quite a few times during the day, we had some "naughty" moments (the kids, not me and Hubby) and I totally went Supernanny on these kids. Shockingly, it worked. A screaming 2-year-old really does respond when you get down to his level and tell him to knock it off.

On the other hand, explaining that he'll never get into a good university with that attitude, and no professor in law school would let him sit in class while flailing his legs around, had no effect.

I'm sure it also helped that I was the Babysitter - a new and exciting adventure - and not boring ol' Mom & Dad, whose buttons the kids know exactly how to push. That's probably why the show is called Supernanny, and not SuperMomandDad.


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