01 February 2006

It's a bird, it's a plane

Hubby and I love to watch Supernanny. We watch, we learn, and then, in the privacy of our childless home, we discuss what our friends are doing wrong with their babies. We talk about how much better we'd be as parents, because "we'd never let our baby go to bed with a bottle/eat sugar/control his bedtime/run around with a sharp knife/etc., etc.".

But then, we can't even get our dog to stay off our bed.


At 2/2/06 1:03 a.m., Blogger persephone said...

Hee! I'm fascinated by that show too - not because I think her method is the only one, there are probably dozens of things that would work just as well, if applied consistently - but because I can see from all the parents around me how easy it is for things to spiral out of control. Even if you know what you should do, it takes so much fortitude to keep doing it in the face of a screaming toddler. I think that's what the Nanny does best - holds the parents' hands while they stick it out.

Of course the last few episodes I saw, the worst holy terrors of all were... twins. I had to take a break after that. :)

At 2/2/06 3:19 a.m., Blogger deanna said...

We do the same thing!! My husband is convinced that the whole "naughty circle" thing could never really work. "What kid is just going to sit there----on a RUG?"

We're even worse about it on every ride home from our in-laws.....though it's way more fun then....

At 2/2/06 8:55 a.m., Blogger projgen said...

But 'seph, we all know YOUR twins (b"H, ptooey, ptooey) are going to be little angels ;)

Deanna, I was convinced that "naughty circle" thing we a 'just for tv' device until I actually saw it in action. I think kids really believe it's like magic - remember how much power the cracks in the sidewalk had over us as kids?!

I just Supernanny'ed my neighbours after leaving their house this evening. And they have the book! (oh, how bad am I?)

At 2/2/06 7:23 p.m., Anonymous Erin said...

Dogs are no comparison. Our dogs are horribly trained. We're just glad they don't poop in the house. But our son is a well-behaved, sweet little boy (for a 2-year-old...he has his moments of holy terror-ness). We don't have a naughty circle, but we do have a dedicated place for time out. Every time he has to be put there, I'm amazed that doesn't get up (now that we've been through that battle and he knows that we'll keep putting him back and starting time out over--very tough to do calmly when faced with a screaming toddler). It's not like there's anything to physically keep him there.

We started doing this before I had ever watched Supernanny, and I felt so vindicated when I watched it for the first time. "See, she does the same thing we do! It must be right!". I'm sure there are other things that work for other people and other kids, but it works great for us!


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