24 January 2006

Where else, pastrami?

So very, very sad: 2nd Avenue Deli closes.
The Second Avenue Deli, which symbolized to generations of New Yorkers the past glory of the avenue once known as the "Yiddish Broadway," closed its doors last week, following a dispute with its landlord over a rent hike. As workers this week unscrewed the signs that marked the cultural icon, passersby stopped to comment. "The myth of New York is closing down," one of them said. Another called it a crime.

I fondly remember the cranky wait staff there, so easily anticipating and accomodating all my elderly, equally cranky relatives' unreasonable requests while we tried to stuff those giant sandwiches into our mouths. I am completely convinced, btw, that one relative of mine used to wait until, after serving us, our waitress had reached the other side of the room before he'd "suddenly" realize he wanted a Dr. Brown's Cream Soda: "oh, miss. Miss! MISS!!!"

I know I'm a little late with this news, but I don't keep up so much with New York anymore.


At 24/1/06 2:33 p.m., Blogger Shelli said...

I'm in denial. It's SOOOO sad. I didn't even stock up on Chopped liver from them. Truly, the BEST in the city, next to what Bubbe, z'l used to make.



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