11 February 2006

Help Bonei Olam

Bonei Olam is holding a Chinese Auction to raise funds. Bonei Olam (and their Canadian branch, Small Wonders) provides grants to Jewish couples seeking infertility treatments. Please help, if you can.


At 12/2/06 6:01 a.m., Blogger Mindy said...

yup, the chinese auctin is here in williamsburg. the prizes are pretty good!

At 13/2/06 3:55 p.m., Blogger Just another Jenny said...

you know what I love (and am a bit jealous of) - the jewish community really seems to support infertility. I am not sure I have heard of any other religion/community that is so supportive.

At 14/2/06 3:11 a.m., Blogger projgen said...

Jewish infertile are very blessed to have such community support. I think part of it is that having children is a commandment. For an observant Jew, to have children, to teach them Torah, to witness their major life moments is a holy purpose. To that end, we create organizations like ATIME. And owing to the unique and beautiful laws that surround procreation, we need specially trained rabbis to answer specific religious questions that relate to medically-assisted procreation.

In our communities we are blessed to have people who rally around others in their time of need. I guess Jewish infertiles are lucky that the Jewish community has recognized that dealing with infertility truly is a time of a need.


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