14 June 2007

It's a charlie foxtrot, sir

There's an old Yiddish expression: "Man plans, G-d laughs"

After all our planning over who was going to get the call, we heard nothing. Hubby finally called the clinic, AFTER the nurses all left. I checked our voicemail at home again, to hear a message from one of the nurses saying she had been trying Hubby's cell all day and if we got the message in 10 minutes to call the clinic. Otherwise, we're to call them tomorrow. (Like I could make it to tomorrow without exploding)

The message was from 45 minutes ago. I tried calling my GPs office, figuring they could give me the results. I called at 4:28, and got the "we close at 4:30pm" message.

Hubby just called; he's at my dr's office. He's going to call me back in a minute.

Ah, my first experience with live blogging.

It sucks.



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