25 May 2006

Paging Dr. Google

Hey, kids! I need help. I'm brilliant (if I do say so myself) at searching for something specific on the 'net ("what is IVF?"), but I stink at searching for vague things, like symptoms ("if you can't have a baby the old-fashioned way, what do you do?").

I have this weird muscle twinge going on, and when I ask Dr. Google, he keeps telling me I must have ALS or Muscular Dystrophy, both of which I know for a fact I do not have. So I am appealing to my friends in the 'net who know how to get Dr. Google to pony up some useful information.

Here are the facts:
On my right side, right around where my diaphragm is (the muscle, not the birth control device), under the last long rib (like 3 or 4 from the bottom), I get violent spasms. It twinges enough so that if I'm lying on my right side, it literally pulls me into a right-leaning fetal position. If I'm sitting, my upper body gets pulled down towards my right side. It usually happens when I'm lying down, at night (needless to say, I'm not sleeping very well), on my right side. During the day, when I'm sitting at the computer, it doesn't usually twinge, but I can feel almost an ache there, as if the muscle is really tired from all that damn twitching (aw, poor thing). It's one spot, feels like it might be like the area of a silver dollar.

It used to only happen occasionally at night, a few twinges in a row, while lying on my right side, with my right arm flung up pointing towards the headboard. Then it happened regardless of how my right arm was lying, lasting for a few minutes. Then it started twisting the night away.

This image, courtesy of National Library of Medicine (the 'x' is my touch) may give a better idea of where the twinge/twitch/spasm/whatever you want to call it is located:

Anybody want to take a stab at this research project? Have any thoughts? Don't make me have to go to a real doctor, because when I see doctors, I have an uncontrollable urge to lie down with my legs in the air, my hands clawing at the closest wand-like object...


At 25/5/06 1:45 a.m., Anonymous amanda said...

I have no clue, but I sure hope it gets better. That does not sound like fun.

At 25/5/06 2:43 a.m., Anonymous ruth said...

uhm. i have something "similar" -- it is most apparent at night when lying down, it's on my right side, but for me i also sometimes feel it in my back. i probably don't notice it during the day since i generally work with my laptop on my tummy. i *think* it's my gallstones acting up. (when i was 18 i had a simultaneous gallstone and kidney stone (both kidneys) attack, i've not really dealt with the gall stones over the years, i know what sets off my kidneys)

i hate to send you to the doc, but why not have your billirubin levels checked and see (i think they're related)?

i really don't know and my wisdom tooth is still bothering me (it has a cavity), so i'm sorry, ms google girl is about to put away her computer and curl up in bed with a book and some knitting.

{hugs} good luck! i'll ask around and see if anyone i know has another answer for you.

At 25/5/06 3:25 a.m., Anonymous jeanette1ca said...

A pinched nerve possibly? Maybe a chiropractor (but only one you know personally or have a Good reference for, please).

At 25/5/06 9:20 a.m., Anonymous Boulder said...

I'd bet it is your gallbladder. Could even be the bile duct spasming. Google that and see if it matches what you describe.

At 25/5/06 2:20 p.m., Blogger Meg said...

I have no idea, but boy did you make me laugh. xx Hope you get it figured out soon. Ouch!

At 25/5/06 3:15 p.m., Anonymous ruth said...

I emailed a family member who is a doctor. Her gut reaction after reading my email is gall bladder. {hugs}

At 25/5/06 5:26 p.m., Blogger ms. x said...

I don't really have anything to offer other than my sympathy. I hope that whatever it is is easily resolved.


At 25/5/06 6:00 p.m., Blogger Just another Jenny said...

hmmmm, you are right, that is not so easy to google. Staying fully dressed at a Dr. appoint does seem odd after months of nudity and wandings!

At 25/5/06 9:57 p.m., Blogger projgen said...

haha - "gut reaction" - no pun intended, eh?

Hm... I did some searching of gallstones, kidney stones and general gallbladder issues, but I don't have any of the symptoms listed. All the descriptions reference specific pain, as well. I don't have any pain, just this twinging/twitching. The ache I feel is like plain ol' muscle ache - the kind you get after a good workout.

Any other suggestions? I guess the mystery continues - thanks for the help everyone! And for the sympathy ;)


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