23 May 2006

In me I trust

I’m always intrigued by the Modeh Ani prayer (Modah if you’re a girl). It’s the first thing an (Ashkenazi) observant Jew says in the morning. The instant you wake up (or in my case, the instant I remember):
Modah ani lifanechah melech chai vikayam shehechezarta bi nishmata b’chemla. Raba emunatecha.

I gratefully thank You, King of Life eternal, for restoring my soul to me with compassion. Abundant is Your faithfulness.
Initially, it seems like a simple thank you prayer. Thank You G-d for giving me another day. But read the last line: Abundant is Your faithfulness. Faithfulness? Your faithfulness? The implication is that G-d is faithful to me. He has faith in me. Enough so that He will restore my soul to me for another day. G-d wants me to live another day. G-d has things for me to do today. That always blows my mind when I actually stop and think about it. Aren’t we supposed to have faith in G-d? How much does it elevate me to know that G-d has faith in ME? He trusts me to live today accordingly. He knows I can accomplish what is expected of me.

I just wish He’d leave a little note on the pillow with the details.

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At 24/5/06 8:08 p.m., Anonymous jeanette1ca said...

That's delightful. Thank you for the insight!


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