08 September 2006

Swimming for MS

I'm taking a chance on outing myself here, but a very, very, very dear friend of mine is swimming across the Hudson River for the Swim Across the Hudson for Multiple Sclerosis tomorrow. Most swimmers are swimming for MS; she is one of the few swimmers (possibly the only one) with MS. Please send prayers and good wishes towards Croton Point Park and Haverstraw for all the swimmers, but especially for my friend.

b'Hatzlacha, babe.


At 9/9/06 3:40 a.m., Blogger BagelUndertheCouch said...

aw, that's amazing. i couldn't swim across a puddle, so double kudos to your friend for that.

At 9/9/06 6:10 a.m., Blogger Bea said...

Tell her good luck from me!


At 12/9/06 10:55 p.m., Blogger Just another Jenny said...

I hope the swim went well and a ton of money was raised. She must have amazing strength (body and spirit).

At 18/9/06 4:06 p.m., Blogger Lut C. said...

Is the Hudson clean enough to swim across?
Hope everything went well!


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